Our Physicians

Old Pueblo Anesthesiology is a fully staffed physician-only group.  Our physicians have completed four or more years of college followed by four years of medical school, one year of internship in Internal Medicine, Transitional or Surgery, and at least three years of training in an accredited anesthesiology residency.  Many of our doctors have an additional year or two of fellowship training in subspecialties such as pediatric anesthesiology, cardiac anesthesiology, pain management and intensive care medicine.  Old Pueblo Anesthesia physicians are board certified or board eligible by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Some are additionally board certified in other areas of medicine such as Internal Medicine and Surgery.

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Matthew Atlas, MD Hill Johnson, MD
Michael Bracht, MD Robin Kloth, MD
Cristian Bratu, MD Michael Lopez, MD
Brian Cammarata, MD Anthony Manson, MD PharmD
Pong Chanvitayapongs, MD Neesann Marietta, MD
Songsiri Chanvitayapongs, MD Mark McClain, MD
Lance Clyde, MD John Morrison, MD
Hannah Dillon, MD Sang O, DO
Luis Esparza, MD Matt Offerdahl, MD
Jorge Favela, MD Kim Rafacz, MD
Gary Flacke, MD Dave Rogers, MD
Greg Franklin, DO Jose Samson, MD
Maria Garcia, MD Jim Slattery, MD
Christopher Glynn, MD Josh Smith, MD
Allison Greening, MD Sean Tolbert, MD
John Hettiarachchy, MD Paul Tsong, MD
Robert Horvath, MD Jorge Uribe, MD Ph.D.
Dan Hughes, MD Cassie Volker, MD
Doug Jacobsen, MD Travis Warner, MD
Adam Johnson, MD Al Zehngut, MD